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Homemade Media

ILA offers more than just talented artists and entertainers for events and shows. And while we try to bridge a gap between Talent and Audience, there is still a lot more work that needs to be done. ILA believes that Chicago has so much more to share with the world.


Whether it's in Music, Art, Design, Food, Theatre, Poetry, Photography, Performance, EVERYTHING, Chicago never gets the credit it deserves.


ILA is (and always will be) committed to this City and the people who make it up. But we are only as strong as the relationships we have.


We are DETERMINED to build lasting connections between local Communities and the Creators that help make them.


With that goal in our hearts, we have started a project to try and build as many of these connections as possible.


We believe that with these new connections between creative and corporation, we will not only be able to help create more Jobs for these talented Creators, but also help connect communities and further evolve our culture that is uniquely Chicago.


If you want to be a part of this movement, we are always looking for partners to team up with to help make this dream come true.


Whether you are a part of a local business, or a Creative individual looking to get more involved with your community, feel free to give us a call or send us an email!



Local Musicians in highlight: Verse

About Verse:

     "Born and raised in Peoria, IL. It all started from bangin on desks n rappin in class.

          Started rappin at 9, Started making beats on a keyboard at 12.

               I had no outlets, no equipment, no money, no mentor.

                    Just talent & PASSION!" - Verse

More featured in-house artists!


Check out more of our original music form our in-house artists by following our Soundcloud!




All ILA community members will get an opportunity to be featured! Increased online presence and

Local Artist in highlight: FEDZ

About FEDZ:

"Sculptor, toy designer, painter. Inspired by monsters and anything surreal."

     - FEDZ

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